The Connoisseur, whose real name is currently unknown, is a planned Stranger in Rides With Strangers.

Information Edit

Based on his overall appearance, The Connoisseur is likely someone who is either an addict to illegal substances or a dealer of them. He may be paranoid of someone such as Elora reporting him for his possession of drugs.

Description Edit

The Connoisseur is a short Caucasian male with short dark brown hair. He wears a light red flannel over a black t-shirt, tan pants, black tennis shoes, and three bracelets.

Trivia Edit

  • A connoisseur is someone who is an expert in matters of taste.
  • In the Meet the Strangers trailer, The Connoisseur is seen rubbing his arm, a common symptom of behavior in drug abusers.
  • The trailer also shows that he has visible raised scars on his arms.