The Dungeon Master, real name Carol, is a planned Stranger in Rides With Strangers.

Information Edit

Judging from the Dungeon Master's appearance, he is a stereotypical "neck-beard", someone who spends most of their lives on the internet/video games being an incredibly nasty person in various ways. His mindset is listed as "anxious", likely because he is antisocial and nervous around attractive women such as Elora

Description Edit

The Dungeon Master appears as an overweight 23 year old Caucasian male with thick glasses, an acne-ridden face, and a neck-beard. His attire consists of a black T-shirt with three wolves on the front, a watch, a pair of khaki shorts, and brown shoes, all topped with a black fedora.

Trivia Edit

  • As mentioned above, the Dungeon Master seems to follow the archetype of a neck-beard/Basement Dweller.