The Gentleman, real name Charles, is a planned Stranger in Rides With Strangers.


The Gentleman, judging from his name, likely has a deceivingly charming personality, and his mind-set is listed as "Curious". 


The Gentleman is a tall handsome man, age 35, with combed back black hair, a matching suit with gloves, and a navy tie with a white dress-shirt underneath.


  • He obviously follows the archetype of a gentleman, more fittingly the term/trope "Tall, dark, and handsome".
  • Contains spoilers for Welcome To The Game: ​In the Who Am I ending, when the protagonist, The Nympho, gets a call on their phone, a careful look reveals that it is Charles. The phone shows a picture of his face with his name written below it. Their dialogue suggests that the two of them are dating/partners in crime.