The Nympho, real name Lydia, is a planned Stranger in Rides With Strangers.


Judging from her nickname, appearance, and mindset (Lust), Lydia is a sex-addicted predator of sorts. She is bisexual, and plans to prey upon Elora, a young and attractive woman.


The Nympho is a pale and slender Caucasian woman with a sheer white top exposing her cleavage. She has flowing blonde hair, a tight black skirt, and black toeless high-heels. She is listed as 34 years old.


  • The Nympho seems the follow the archetype of a slut, and her name is a reference to nymphomania, a crippling set of sexual addictions.
  • CONTAINS MAJOR WELCOME TO THE GAME SPOILERS: The ending "Who Am I?" in Welcome To The Game reveals that The Nympho is the Player. The reason she is looking for the Red Room, a livestream of torture and murder, is for sexual pleasure. The ending also reveals that she and Charles are in a relationship, possibly as partners in crime and/or boyfriend and girlfriend.

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